Frequently asked questions

  • How much notice do you require for a booking?

Once you have booked your flights, contact us straight away to book your transfer in. We welcome as much notice as possible as it allows us to work out where our vehicles need to be well in advance to allow a smoother operation.

  • I would like to book for tomorrow, but the system does not allow me.

We only accept bookings up to 24 hours prior to travel online. We may be able to accommodate your travel request over the phone subject to vehicle availability.

You may like to consider booking the return leg online.

  • How will we find our transfer service at the airport?

Once you complete your booking, you will be issued an email with full instructions on how to meet your driver and where he/she will be waiting for you.

Some airports have reception desks, at other airports the driver will meet in the arrival hall.  A link to these instructions are integrated clearly into your booking email and include all details you need to make your transfer hassle free. You will also have 24 hour telephone contacts issued on the voucher in the event that you should still have problems finding your drive

  • If our flight is delayed, will the transfer be waiting for us?

Yes, flight arrival times are monitored.

If you have problems collecting your luggage or clearing immigration, please call your supplier or the Customer Care telephone number supplied on your e-mail confirmation of booking.

In respect of flight delays, diversions, missed connections when the transport service originates from the airport, the waiting policy is:

Flight Delays:

Private hire with driver: Flight delays from original scheduled flight time of up to 3 hours are included. With Flight delays over 3 hours you must contact the Supplier to request the vehicle be kept waiting. An additional fee is payable in advance of the transport service. If you do not do this, the service will not be provided.

Please do not send us an e-mail to advise of delays as e-mails are queued and we may not read your mail until it is too late.

Flight Diversions:

The airline will transport you to the scheduled airport, and the delay policy above applies.

Flight Cancellations, missed flights and missed connections:

Please refer to our cancellation policy

  • Could you provide your emergency telephone contact number should the driver not be at the airport?

Once you complete your booking you will be able to access your email.

On the email you are issued complete and detailed instructions on where and how to meet your driver. You will also find our own 24 hour contact numbers.

  • We would like to arrive at the airport well in advance of our flight. How can we ensure this will happen?

We aim to transfer passengers between 2 and 2 ½ hours prior to flight take off.

Most airline companies open their check-in desks 2 hours prior to flight take off, and close check-in 40-45 minutes prior to flight take off.

Ensure that the date, time and location on your email or subsequent e-mail allows you to arrive at your departure airport at least 10 minutes before the checked desk opens.

  • What is the baggage policy for transfers?

Each passenger may carry one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg (maximum combined size of 158cm) and hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg (maximum dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 20cm).

Any excess baggage must be declared when you make a service booking request.

The vehicle to transport you will be adequate for the number of people travelling and luggage contracted. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking.

In the event of additional vehicles being required to transport an excess of undeclared luggage, the passenger will be held responsible for covering any additional costs.

  • How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs?

The driver will normally wait up to 90 minutes after your flight has landed before making enquiries with the airline, customs or immigration. After this procedure and if there is no sign of the passenger the driver will leave the airport.

If you are delayed in customs, immigration, baggage collection or lost luggage please call to ensure that your driver will wait. You will find your supplier details on your email.

If you foresee that you will take less time (only hand luggage) or more (reduced mobility, etc) please advise us at the same time you book.

  • Do you cater for baby seats?

Yes, we can cater for baby seats.

When booking if the supplier and the vehicle type have the possibility to offer baby seats this option will be offered during the booking process.

You must tell us if minors are included on your service booking request. You are not obliged to use the child car seats provided, we encourage you to bring your own for your children, as standards vary in different countries.

  • We are travelling with a baby buggy. How do we book this?

Travelling with babies and young children implies extra preparation from your side: All his / her clothes, the pushchair or baby buggy, maybe even a travel cot.

To ensure you travel as stress free as possible, please pack all items correctly. Remember that each passenger has a limited luggage allowance per person, so your child also has one piece of luggage available: this can go for the baby buggy.

If you are travelling with a lot of luggage, please read our baggage policy, and if you believe you will be travelling with more than the allowed luggage, please select the number of additional pieces of luggage you require.

The type of vehicle that will transport you will be calculated automatically according to number of people travelling with standard luggage plus any optional extras you choose. This will determine the size and capacity of vehicle.

In the event of additional vehicles being required to transport an excess of undeclared luggage, you will be held responsible for covering any additional costs.

  • I want to change my booking. How do I proceed?

You may modify your booking at any time up to 24h prior to your departure date. Please call us directly on 01522394925 or email us to inform us of the change.

  • How do I make a complaint?

In the unlikely event you wish to make a complaint please fill out the contact form on our website available here (please link).

Our customer relations department will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your complaint to discuss this further.

Please note our customer relations department only work office hours Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm.

  • Is it safe to use my credit card over the Internet?

Using your credit card to make purchases via our web site is a secure way to pay for your bookings- as safe as booking through our telephone reservations centre.

We have put a number of security steps in place to give you, the customer, total confidence when purchasing your airport transfers over Internet.

All sensitive information, including personal details as well as credit card information, is kept confidential through the use of our secure server software (SSL). This means that information can only be exchanged between you and us, and that no third party can access this data. The padlock symbol on your browser shows which pages are covered by this security system.

We do not retain live records of credit card information on our web servers after the transaction has been completed (i.e. you will need to enter your details each time you book over the Internet).

  • One of our party is disabled and has a wheelchair. Can we use the transfer service?

We have over many years welcomed disabled travellers, providing help and assistance.

When booking, if you are travelling with a wheelchair please note this in the comments section of the booking form.

If you will be travelling with Motorized Foldable Wheelchairs or an Electrical Disability Scooter, these are considered as baggage, and our normal luggage allowance must be taken into account.

If a passenger is has reduced mobility and requires transportation in their own wheelchair, please ring us to book as we are able to offer wheelchair accessible vehicles subject to availability. These vehicles maybe subject to extra charge due to services being provided by an outside provider.

I have walking difficulties, so it may take me a while to come through. Will the driver wait for me?

Yes, the driver will wait. If you foresee an extended delay, please advise us at the time of booking.

We are two parties arriving at different times, and would like to travel together in the same vehicle. How do we do?

We do not recommend booking of this type, as the transport service will wait only for the flight booked. If there are any delays from the other party joining (and delays do happen!), the service may not be provided.

Booking Terms & Conditions

To view our booking terms and please follow this link please link….. https://cathedral-cars.co.uk/terms-conditions/